Freeway Tavern's 'Wop Chop' success continues to grow


Freeway Tavern's 'Wop Chop' success continues to grow

An iconic Butte restaurant has been serving up fried pork chop sandwiches for more than half a century.

The Freeway Tavern's "World Famous Wop Chop".

Stop into the Freeway Tavern at lunch on any given day and the thing you likely won't find is an empty seat.

"Just enjoying a wop chop," said Josh Ericson. He is home on Christmas break and he's making sure to grab a Wop Chop before heads back to college.

"Since we've been little kids we've been coming here with them and have a Wop Chop," he said.

Marge Liedele came all the way from Anaconda to meet her sister and brother-in-law for lunch.

She met Muzzy, the owner her first time in.

"He's just friendly to everyone. He was teasing us and just a nice guy," she told us.

Kathi Faroni is Muzzy's daughter and grew up in the Freeway Tavern. She explained the Wop Chop's name comes from the family's heritage.

"We call it the Wop Chop because we're Italian!" she said.

The Faroni's watched the sandwich's popularity grow since Muzzy introduced it 51 years ago.

"Just by word of mouth, it's traveled all over the world on this famous Wop Chop," Faroni told us.

During the busy summer months, it's not unusual for the restaurant to sell 200 of these sandwiches a day.

"We get people from all over the world, I mean my dad's just really famous for his Wop Chop."

Some of the busiest days in the summer are during Evel Knievel days. We're told the famous daredevil from Butte enjoyed his fair share of the famous sandwich.

"He'd pull in to town and of course this was his first stop," said Faroni.

A family that is passing down their love for this sandwich and helping keep the Wop Chop on the menu for years to come.

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