Former Montana Tech Athletic Director hires lawyer


BUTTE, Mont. - The former Montana Tech Athletic Director hired a lawyer, and says he still doesn't know why he was fired.

We spoke to former Athletic Director Charles Bradley's lawyer. He tells us Bradley hired him after Bradley got a letter from Montana Tech, telling him to return six items or he will be terminated without pay.

Bradley had a 1-year contract with Montana Tech, but they chose to dismiss him after 7 months on the job. Bradley tells us he was handed a letter of dismissal, but was not given a reason why he was fired.

We spoke to Kevin McCrae with the Board of Regents. He tells us they know exactly why Bradley was fired, but because of privacy laws, cannot release the information until Bradley signs a privacy waiver.

"We already have all the information we need and have been in close consultation with and working with Montana Tech administration. We legally cannot speak to the reasons and it's not because we don't want to," McRae said.

"Until we know why they fired him or what's going on, we certainly don't want to waive his privacy. We have no idea, at least he doesn't. He hasn't come up with any idea of what the reason or isn't we just don't know," Bradley's attorney Wayne Harper said.

Harper says he has tried to reach out to Montana Tech, to talk about why Bradley was fired, but got no response.

McRae tells us Montana Tech is very willing to speak with Bradley and his lawyer.

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