Former Butte justice arrested suspicion of DUI


Robert Lee arrested on suspicion of DUI follow-up 6-20-13

BOULDER, Mont. - He's well known in Butte as a heroic officer, a former Justice of the Peace, and now a suspect in another driving under the influence case, just weeks after getting a deferred sentence for "doctor shopping."

Robert Lee appeared at the Jefferson County courthouse Thursday morning on charges of suspicion of DUI.

The Jefferson County sheriff told NBC Montana that 67-year-old Lee was arrested early Thursday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs on I-90, just east of Butte. It is not his first time in trouble.

Last month, Lee got deferred sentences in two cases related to "doctor shopping" to get methadone.

We learned prosecutors launched that investigation shortly after Lee was arrested for driving under the influence of methadone in November 2010.

We talked to Sheriff Craig Doolittle and discovered Lee is also charged with driving with an expired registration, a probation violation.

Doolittle explained, "Our dispatch center received a phone call from an individual traveling on I-90 who stated the vehicle was going the wrong way. The deputy responded and found a vehicle on I-90 going westbound, going the correct direction, and that was the vehicle Mr. Lee was in."

The judge set Lee's bond for $770 and they told us he is bonded out.

Lee used to serve with the Butte Police Department.

The television show "World's Wildest Police Videos" featured him for his work negotiating with a suicidal man sitting in a car packed with explosives back in 1989.

Lee, a lieutenant at the time, and then-Sheriff Bob Butrovich knew the man, Terry Roslin, and were trying to talk him out of the car when when he ignited the explosives.

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