Food vendors prepare for Bite of Bozeman


food vendors prepare for bite of bozeman

BOZEMAN, Mont. - The 36th annual Sweet Pea Festival is just weeks away. A big part of this festival is the event known as 'Bite of Bozeman.' This is where people will have the chance to walk down Main Street and try foods from more than 40 restaurants and food vendors.
Chickpea Cafe is one of the vendors that will be at the Sweet Pea Festival this year. They gave us an inside look Wednesday morning at some of the dishes they will prepare for next weeks events. They have been established for three years, and every one of those they have participated in the Sweet Pea Festival.

Jennifer Jento is the owner of Chickpea Cafe. She tells us every year is just as exciting as the last.

"I love being a part of our community. I love seeing our community, we have such wonderful people here. It just makes me happy and our staff happy to serve some really great food as well as put smiles on peoples faces," said Jento.

We also spoke with Jeff Morgan. He has chaired Bite of Bozeman for the past three years.

"It is the biggest dinner party in the valley. Bite of Bozeman has been around for so long, people in the community know about it," said Morgan.

Restaurants like Chickpea Cafe are hard at work to make sure they bring the best dishes to the table.

"Fresh, something unique, and flavorful," said Jento.

If you are interested in coming out to 'Bite of Bozeman' it is next Wednesday July 31st from 6-9p.m.

NBC Montana will also be out at Sweet Pea to help kick off the festival on August 2nd.  First Alert Chief Meteorologist Mark Heyka and NBC Montana's Lauren Maschmedt will be broadcasting live on the news at 5 and 6.

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