Folks turn out to learn about Mandeville Land Use Plan, provide feedback


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A number of city leaders and Bozeman locals turned out for the Mandeville Land Use open house.

City officials, representatives with the DNRC and a team of experts were on hand to explain data collected and the possible uses that data supports.

Officials also welcomed feedback from interested community members, potential users and developers.

We spoke to one attendee who says she has a long-standing interest in the property.

"I thought I would come here and see what they're up to and put in my two cents or whatever for them to put as much park land and attractive features as they can," says Bozeman resident Mary Vant Hull.

Attendee Teresa McKnight has a slightly different hope for the property.

"I see this area as a prime location for that manufacturing hub of Bozeman, as well as intermixing it with commercial and retail and possible having some type of an open community park there as well," says McKnight.

The Mandeville Land Use project is a partnership between the city of Bozeman and DNRC to develop a land use plan for around 300 acres on the north side of Bozeman.

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