Flood water reaches homes, floods basements in southwest Montana


Flood water reaches homes, floods basements in southwest Montana

BELGRADE, Mont. - Flood conditions worsened throughout the day in the Amsterdam area on Thursday.

Roads are closed and water is flooded into some residents' homes.

"I wasn't aware things were progressing this fast with the flooding," said Sandi Van Middendorp, who lives on Camp Creek Road in Amsterdam. On Thursday night, her home was surrounded by water.

"We're blessed," she said, "we don't have it in our basement."

But she may not be in the clear. Her neighbors on either side are dealing with much worse.

"They have water in their basement up to the top step," she explained. "They were taken aback by it."

Firefighters pumped water out of the neighbor's basement.

Sandy said there's been flooding in the Amsterdam area before, but not like this, explaining "I don't remember seeing it quite this bad before."

And flooding is not just in Amsterdam; it's a concern among residents in many areas of southwest Montana.

"It's a little uneasy for any person who owns a home," Belgrade resident Emily Voss said. "It's definitely a bit nerve wracking."

Voss said the water isn't near her home yet, but she's worried the water will work its way toward the house.

"Earlier I was joking we were starting to get a mote, and now I'm regretting what I said because now were getting a mote!" she said.

On Thursday night, water covered Cameron Bridge Road next to Voss's mailbox, and a pool of water covered much of her yard.

Voss explained she planned to take action first thing in the morning.

"We might go get some sandbags," she said.

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