Fire officials remind public about firework safety


Fire officials remind public about fireworks and safety

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Fireworks season is just around the corner and soon enough people will begin purchasing those shells and bottle rockets to light up the sky.

Casey Guse is a student at Montana State University who told NBC Montana he has enjoyed fireworks since a little kid.

"We lit them off our whole life. I think they're pretty cool. A nice way to get everyone together for the 4th of July," said Guse.

Parents we spoke with say they will not be looking toward the colorful explosions, instead they are focused on safety regulations.

Anya Seibold is a parent who told us she is not opposed to fireworks, but says there needs to be safety precautions set in place to keep people safe.

"I think there are some people that abuse the fireworks. I do think they should be regulated," said Seibold.

Fire officials told us the sale of fireworks begins June 24 and they are not allowed to be sold in Bozeman. Officials we spoke to say people need to be careful shooting them off.

Deputy Chief Greg Megaard of the Bozeman Fire Department told us parents need to keep a close eye on their kids.

"Knowing their surroundings, making sure they're supervising children when shooting fireworks," said Megaard.

Megaard told NBC Montana with the recent rain storms most places in the area are still dry and could catch on fire.

"Just want to caution people that the rain, even though we got portion here last couple of weeks -- with the wind we have, things are still fairly dry," he said.

Another resident we spoke to says taking proper precautions is something she always thinks about and hopes others will too. "I wish people would be a bit more safe about fireworks," said Katrina Bigelow.  

Fire officials say to have a clear space away from people and homes if you light off fireworks.

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