Fire damages Butte home


Fire damages Butte home

BUTTE, Mont. - Fire damaged a home on the 600 block of Colorado St. in Butte Wednesday morning.

The fire broke out around 9 this morning.

No one was injured.

One resident escaped with his dog.

His mother, the homeowner was not at home at the time.

Firefighters said the house is badly damaged. They are blaming it on an electrical fire.

"My neighbor came running across the street and knocked on the door and said to call 911, his house was on fire and his bed was burning," said Matthew Duncan, who lives across the street from Eddie Parke, the man inside 647 Colorado when it caught fire.

He described how he and Parke raced back to house to save the family dog.

"Then we had to go rescue his dog and then he fell down outside the house," Duncan said.

NBC Montana arrived on scene just after fire fighters had put out the flames.

Duncan said the flames spread fast.

"I watched it out my front window, and it was pretty intense," he said."

"It's really bad," said family friend Virginia Lowney. "There's a room and a partial of a living room with some stuff that's salvageable, so and we've been in there before something happens or the roof caves in or something. We're trying to get all the stuff out."

Virginia Lowney grew up across the street from the Parkes, and said when she heard the news, she rushed over to help clean up and salvage what they could from the house.

Virginia said Barbara Parke, the homeowner, has lived there for 60 years.

"I think she feels lost," Lowney said. "She said to me earlier...'I lost my husband in 2007 and everything we had together of 60 years is in that house.'"

Neighbors said this fire is a wake up call, and it showed them how important it is to know your neighbors.

The Parkes said they are staying with family members.

Neighbors and friends are hoping to start raising money to help the family, and they encourage anyone who can to help.

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