Family Dollar store coming to Anaconda


Family Dollar store coming to Anaconda

ANACONDA, Mont. - Construction crews have broken ground on a new retail store for Anaconda.

Family Dollar, a dollar store and discount chain, is being constructed on the corner of Cedar Street and Commercial Avenue.

Residents said they're excited for a new store to come into town so they don't have to go so far to shop, while others are worried it might hurt local businesses.

"I think it's great," said resident Hilton Mclendon, "anything that comes to the city brings more revenue."

According to Family Dollar's website, they offer a variety of goods, from groceries and health and beauty products, to clothing and household items.

Some residents said having a store like this will save them time.

"It's about time," said resident Tony Marry. "In Anaconda, everybody has to go to Butte to get anything...so it's a good thing for Anaconda. We've needed one for a long time."

Most people agreed, saying it's frustrating to have to drive so far to buy the things they need.

"They do a good job of trying to get things here," said resident Lois Lavergne, "but it is pretty limited."

An Anaconda-Deer Lodge Council Commissioner explained Anaconda has many low-income families that will benefit from a store offering lower prices. Residents agreed.

"We need it very badly," said resident Skip Meyer, "and they're not going to be competing with some of the other stores, so it should be just right for us."

Some residents said they worry the Family Dollar will compete with established local stores, and others said they wished a higher-end store was coming to the community, rather than a discount store.

The Anaconda-Deer Lodge Planning Department said they don't know when construction will be done. So far, workers have demolished an old restaurant at the site, and we're told the contractors will continue to work through the winter.

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