'F this job' Facebook post from MT Office of Tourism account goes viral


'F this job' Facebook post from MT Office of Tourism account goes viral 12-9-12

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Whether an accident or purposeful statement, someone used the Montana Office of Tourism Facebook account to send a message: "F this job."

The post hit Facebook home feeds early Friday morning, instantly gaining dozens of likes, comments and even a few shares. It was removed, but not before going completely viral- even ending up on websites like Reddit and Gawker.

"You get so... comfortable with it, when it's just like communicating with your friends" said MSU graduate William Grandy, about Facebook posting. "But" he added, "it's completely public."

We talked to a few people about Facebook posting, as they browsed on their laptops in a Bozeman coffee shop. Grandy said he watches what he says, even on his personal page.

"I might not have been so selective like in high school, but now I definitely am" said MSU student Elle Reinhard, who also said she doesn't post status updates very often and manages who her "friends" are very closely.

Beyond sharing sentiments about her job, the infamous poster said "I just want to live in Whitefish with my... future husband" and "leaving Bozeman for good... Thanks for the good times Mercury CSC!"

Bozeman-based Mercury CSC creates advertisements for the the Office of Tourism, and managed their Facebook page.

We read the company's statement on the post. They confirm their employee made those "unprofessional personal comments" on the state's page. And, they state they accept all responsibility, and no longer have administrative rights to the page.

"People post things for a reason" Reinhard said. "If everyone had really lame, boring posts, it wouldn't be what it is."

Reinhard said good or bad, posts like this are bound to bring attention.

In fact, the Montana Office of Tourism received 300 more "likes" since Friday, and nearly 20,000 people are listed as "talking about" the state's page.

To see the full statement from Mercury CSC, click here.

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