Event connects resources with folks who need them


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Folks from all walks of life turned out for the fifth annual Project Homeless Connect in Bozeman, Saturday.
Participants were able to tap into a number of resources from dental, medical, eye and chiropractic care to clothing, food and hair cuts, all for free.
The event is hosted by the Greater Gallatin Homeless Action Coalition as a way to provide a one-stop-shop of resources many folks wouldn't have access to otherwise.
We talked to participants who tell us it's an important event for Bozeman.

"People from all economic backgrounds who can't afford to have their teeth cleaned or get the flu shot or have their eyes tested, you know that you can count on it annually to be able to come and get those services and be surrounded by such love and warmth," says participant Nancy Reuter.

This is Reuter's third year attending the event.  She comes with her son, Austin.  He tells us he's grateful for all the time and resources volunteers donate for the cause.

"It's just amazing how so many people will take time out of their Saturday to help people; give haircuts, do spinal alignments, serve burgers," says Austin.

Folks in dental care tell us, in their clinic alone, they're operating on between $20,000 to $30,000 worth of donated time, equipment and supplies for the event.

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