Evel Knievel Days committee backs out, City says festival will go on


BUTTE, Mont. - Organizers of Evel Knievel Days are pulling out, but city officials say the festival will go on and anyone who wants to help is welcome.

The Evel Knievel Days committee voted to let the city take over the festival, but city leaders say it was never their intention to run it by themselves.

The dispute centers around Kelly Knievel, who wanted to renew the licensing agreement that allows the use of the Knievel name with the city, and later with a new committee he planned to form himself.

"I think everybody should mark those dates off on their calendar, because from our local government's standpoint were ready to move forward to help make it another success," said Chief Executive Matt Vincent.

Vincent received a letter from the Evel Knievel Days Committee Executive Director Chad Harrington.

Harrington thanked the volunteers who made the festival a success, and said the committee has resources they planned to use for this years Evel Days and wants to invest those resources into something for the city.

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