Ennis water now safe to drink, city says


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Welcome news for the town of Ennis -- tests show their water is safe to drink again.

Residents and businesses of the small town about an hour southwest of Bozeman haven't been able to drink the city's water because of fears over contamination.

The city said last Thursday Three Rivers Communication drilled through a water main while installing fiber optic lines.

Crews repaired the pipe, but officials worried about contamination.

The city worked with the Department of Environmental Quality to test it, and the results declaring it safe came in late Tuesday afternoon -- four days after the community was restricted from using the water for drinking or cooking.

The city had set up a water station, handing out bottles and jugs to residents and businesses to help them get by.

We're told residents may want to run their faucets to remove any leftover chlorine taste.

Three Rivers Communication has not claimed responsibility for the ordeal, and the city said they stepped in to cover all costs.

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