Educators gather in Bozeman to learn more about STEM


Educators gather in Bozeman to learn more about STEM

BOZEMAN, Mont. - People from across the state came together at the Museum of the Rockies Wednesday night, looking for ways to improve and expand upon four core subjects. More than 300 people were focusing on science, technology, engineering and math.

State Superintendent Denise Juneau tells us she wants to see STEM incorporated in teachers everyday curriculum.

"We want to make sure teachers are getting as much information as possible, so we can prepare the students of today for the jobs of tomorrow. We want to make sure they are teaching rigorous science, technology, engineering and math courses. That they are raising the aspirations of students," said Juneau.

One of the 32 booths we came across was made up of more than a dozen Bozeman high students including senior Jared Hale. He says taking a few engineering classes helped him determine what he wants to do in college.

"I am  pretty set on majoring in mechanical engineering," said Juneau.

Event organizers say they want stem to be integrated as early as elementary school. First grade teacher Christine O'Shea is one of four teachers at Hyalite elementary in Bozeman who help with the STEM club.

"We want to excite kids about those careers," said O'Shea.

It is only their second year but O'Shea says they already have 50 4th and 5th graders participating.

"We have kids signing up all the time, and they keep asking, "can we sigh up for STEM club" even though it started in September," said O'Shea.

That is exactly what Juneau says they are looking for.

"The idea was to come up with a state plan that involves K-12 that we are doing our very best to prepare students for those jobs of tomorrow," said Juneau.

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