Early Fall snow impacts Butte.


Early Fall snow impacts Butte

An early fall snow hit the Mining City, west central and southwest Montana Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

NBC Montana's Grace Ditzler checked conditions in Butte and the surrounding area through the early morning hours.

The snow came down pretty heavy at times, but remained warm enough to keep it from piling up too much on the road.  Police told us the snow didn't cause too much trouble for people still out on the streets.

One resident we spoke to, Dennis Regan told NBC Montana he didn't mind the snow. "It is kind of nice to have snow in September to be honest with you, it really is," Regan said.

But not everyone was prepared for the early blast of winter. "I wish I would have wore different shoes. But I'm glad to see Montana get the precipitation," said Cody Peoples

A few of the roads in Butte did see some slushy conditions.  Dennis Regan explained that he plans to take it easy in these conditions. He says he will "definitely go slower, pay more attention to who is on the road, and try to look out for more than just me."

Butte Police told NBC Montana Thursday morning the snow hadn't caused too much of an issue for them yet.  But the fire department received several calls. Including one report of the heavy wet snow knocking a tree on to a power line.

The snow did create hazardous conditions on several area mountain passes.  The snow closed Homestake Pass, east of Butte, for about four hours.  And over night the Montana Department of Transportation required chains on towing units in both directions.

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