Despite playoff loss, Bobcat fans proud of season


Despite playoff loss, Bobcat fans proud of season

BOZEMAN, Mont. - It was round two of Bobcat fans showing their support for blue and gold, as the team faced Sam Houston in a home playoff game on Friday.

The day started early for some fans.

When asked what time he got to the stadium to tailgate, fan Derek Dejong said "roughly about two o'clock."

Dejong and his group got the spirit going hours before kickoff.

"We have the fire going, and we have the camper and food" said his friend, John Mahoney.

Others headed to local bars. Spectators was filled with fans.

"People like to stay in here, and get out of the cold" said general manager Dylan Domanski.

He said he was running around all evening, and said this year's playoff games have been great for business.

"The last couple of home games have been the busiest home games we've had" he said. "Even compared to last year- our last couple playoff games- these ones have been really, really huge for us."

And, of course, fans braved the cold at Bobcat Stadium to show their pride, and hope for a win. Fans we talked to said they didn't want to miss the chance to support their team in-person, and on such a big night.

We asked MSU students Jeremy Kugler and Grace Anderson if they were feeling the cold. "No" Kugler said.

"Not with the atmosphere in there" Anderson said, adding "it's hot and crazy."

Reil Cornelius is roommates with an MSU football player, and said he supports the team no matter what.

"It's chilly temperature-wise, but in our hearts we're all Bobcats- and it's very warm. We're creating a lot of energy" he said, adding that the fact the Bobcats made it this far in the season was "giving us a lot of pride."

Win or lose, fans said they're proud the Cats did so well this year- and they'll always bleed blue and gold.

The MSU Bobcats lost to Sam Houston with a score of 34 to 16.

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