Convicted kidnapper sentenced to 40 years behind bars


Convicted kidnapper sentenced to 40 years behind bars

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Charles Rickett stood motionless late Tuesday morning as Judge John Brown read him his sentence. Rickett will spend a total of 40 years behind bars at Montana State Prison. He received 40 years for each felony count he was convicted of -- aggravated kidnapping, intimidation and escape -- and will serve those terms concurrently.

Rickett was the only one who spoke at the sentencing. He discussed things like how he has obtained his GED while behind bars and would like to one day get a chance to rebuild his life.

"I understand that today you are going to sentence me to a term that, more than likely, I'm going to have to do a lot of time on parole when I get that chance of release. It doesn't deter me, because I know it can be done and I know it is possible. All I ask of you today is to sentence me to a term where I have a chance to rehabilitate," said Rickett.

After the sentencing was over we caught up to Eric Kitzmiller, the Chief Deputy County Attorney for Gallatin County. He tells us he is pleased with the sentencing.

"I am satisfied with the court's sentence. This was a very serious crime that occurred in a very peaceful community of Manhattan," said Kitzmiller.

We found out in court this morning a motion was filed for a new trial by Steven Scott, Rickett's public defender. The documents state there should be a new trial based on new evidence. They are claiming some inconsistencies with the restitution claim filed by the victim and what Rickett had on him when he was arrested.

Court documents state the victim is claiming $75 in cash was taken, along with a 1944 Liberty Head silver dollar and three other silver dollars, and a toilet seat. However the defense points out Rickett only had a few dollars on him when he was arrested.

We asked Kitzmiller how likely it is that this case go to trial again.

"We went though things pretty thoroughly. The victim did testify, the defense had an opportunity to cross examine her on all these topics, we will leave it at that," said Kitzmiller.

Kitzmiller tells us he has to turn in a response to the motion filed Wednesday for a new trial by May 7. He expects the judge will make a decision by the end of May.

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