Community race series kicks off at Bridger Bowl


Community race series kicks off at Bridger Bowl

BOZEMAN, Mont. - We told you last Saturday how high winds shut down Bridger Bowl, just an hour after they opened. The closure postponed events at the mountain, include the Community Alpine Race Series. We went to Bridger Bowl, Saturday, to talk to skiers about the series and to find out how conditions are holding up after a week of mild temps.

Last Saturday, folks with Bridger Bowl tell us the wind was so intense it was pushing skiers uphill. It even tore a fence out of the ground and tossed it into nearby trees. This Saturday, they say between 50 and 60 skiers showed up for the postponed Community Alpine Race Series.

"We were up here last weekend and the mountain got closed down because of the wind so, we were just up here today, heard they were taking late registration and thought we'd take a little risk and have some fun," says skier Sarah Ghicadus.

Ghicadus gets ready for her first race against her son Andrew.

"I'm kind of nervous about it but I feel pretty good that I can do good at it," says skier Andrew Ghicadus.

He's never raced before, but he says he's a big fan of the sport.

"I like to watch the Olympic ski racing," says Andrew.

After a week of warmer temperatures, Sarah says she was skeptical about conditions.

"We thought it was going to be icy up here today but it's been just mashed potatoey and beautiful so, a nice surprise," says Sarah.

Jason Prasek participates in the race series every year but he also works at Bridger, helping to maintain the mountain.

"Snow's holding up great, the sun's not very strong so, we get sun and good snow," says Prasek.

Meanwhile, folks like Andrew and his mom, return for another go. While Andrew says he doesn't see himself making the Olympic alpine racing team in the future...

"I kind of feel like I could just ski, not be a pro-skier, just ski around the town," says Andrew.

He and Sarah say they're looking forward to watching the games.  

"We're not going to sleep for two weeks," says Sarah.

The race series continues next week from 12-2p. Registration is 8:30-10am in the Jim Bridger Lodge.

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