Community coalition aims to educate, create awareness about youth drug use


BOZEMAN, Mont. - One group is hoping it can help cut down on drug use among Bozeman's youth.

It all started when several Bozeman locals met with the police department while writing a grant from the Elks Club three years ago.
The Community Coalition on Drug Awareness aims to reach out and educate the community about drug use.
The group says drugs are not an overwhelming problem, but as a community folks need to be aware.

Organizers say that begins with small meetings and small groups -- businesses, the faith community and schools, to start.
Education and involving youth are their keys to success and their goal is not to eradicate drugs but to make a difference, one young person at a time.

"I really believe it's more like, if we can raise the age of first use, even in one or two, I think we've done quite a bit," says Community Coalition on Drug Awareness co-chairperson Susie Larson.

The coalition hopes to hold the next meeting December 13.  For more information, contact Susie Larson at 624-6050.

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