Commissioner of Securities & Insurance clears up health care misconceptions


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Montana's Commissioner of Securities and Insurance addressed a packed house in Bozeman Friday.

A private group invited her to town to clear up confusion about the Affordable Care Act.

She talked about how to protect yourself from fraud in the wake of the new health care exchange and cleared up misconceptions, like the idea that folks on Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare or those who have children on CHIP need buy coverage in the new marketplace.

She also reassured the crowd, saying there's still six months left for open enrollment.

"There is time. They just need to make sure that they're doing their homework, working with a local, certified agent or certified insurance agent or certified application counselor to kind of get the information they need to figure out what their options are and my office is here to help as well," says Lindeen.

To see Lindeen's entire presentation, click here.

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