City officials tell judge they're worried about Bozeman's watershed


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Folks with the City of Bozeman say they want to make sure the court understands how important Hyalite and Sourdough Creeks are when it comes to Bozeman's water supply and why they believe there are threats to the Sourdough water treatment plant.

That's why they filed an Amicus brief.
A conservation group sued to keep the the City of Bozeman and the Forest Service from cutting down trees near the watershed, something the city says is necessary to reduce the risk of wildfire.
Folks with the Alliance for the Wild Rockies argues the city's investment in a new water treatment plant should mean there's no need for logging.
But in the brief, the city argues the new plant won't be able to handle all the runoff from a wildfire.

Folks with the city say they expect to hear from the judge sometime in the spring.

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