City officials seek public support for Mandeville project


BOZEMAN, Mont. - City officials are asking for your support when it comes to the Mandeville Land Use Plan.

They say they've been trying to determine what types of uses are best suited for the Mandeville property based on the economics of the area.

Right now, officials say experts are in the final stages of data collection and are looking to the public for what they think are potential uses of the land.

"We ask for them to be supportive of our efforts because it represents a real opportunity for the community to create jobs and diversify the economy and that's held in pretty high regard by our elected officials and I'd like to be able to translate that to public support, too, for the Mandeville Land Use project," says Bozeman Economic Director Brit Fontenot.

City officials will hold an open house, where they say the public can get information about the project and provide feedback.

It will be held Wednesday from noon to two in the City Commission room at City Hall.

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