City of Bozeman tells drivers 'don't fear the cone'


City of Bozeman tells drivers "don't...

BOZEMAN, Mont. - In addition to dealing with the heat, Gallatin Valley drivers are faced with construction zones, delays, and detours during the summer months.

The City of Bozeman developed a new way to help people navigate through construction, with just the click of a mouse. A newly designed website is geared to help locals identify where construction is happening and when.

Whether you are walking, biking, or driving around construction, it helps to know what areas to avoid. This is where the saying "Don't fear the cone" comes into play.

We spoke to many people in the area like Verna Vupuis who had not heard about the website or social media pages.

"I was not aware that they had something if you saw cones, do not fear the cones. I did not realize that. That is good to know," said Vupuis.

A city representative tells us the social media sites went live just a few weeks ago. They say the hope is to continue this program through all seasons of construction.

For people who work in the heart of the construction like Verna and her co-worker Ricky Quintana, they say it seems like a useful tool. However they will be happy when the cones are cleared.

"I think that it will be a lot more accessible. I think that with the cones up and construction going off, it may intimidate people a little. I think as soon as everything is up and running we will pick up to normal pace, being busy as we normally are," said Quintana.

To check out the new website with details on local construction click here. You can also follow @BZNStreetReport on Twitter or BZN Street Report on Facebook.

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