City of Bozeman considers sale of North Park land


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The City of Bozeman is beginning to look into a possible sale of the North Park land, formerly known as the Mandeville Farm.

The area has been a source of trouble for Bozeman since an incident 10 years ago. Bozeman developer Mike Delaney sued the city for buying 85 acres of the Mandeville property, which he said officials knew he planned to purchase.  The court awarded Delaney $3 million.

Bozeman Commissioners voted unanimously to move ahead with hiring a broker in efforts to locate a private purchaser. City officials hope they can create a commercial use for the 85 acres.

City leaders anticipate that a new development could bring jobs to the area.

Bozeman's Economic Development Coordinator, Brit Fontenot, says he would like to see the North Park property sold by the end of the year. North Park is located right off of 7th Avenue and Frontage.

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