City Commissioners vote to keep Bozeman's Bogert Pool


City Commissioners vote to keep Bozeman's Bogert Pool

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman will not tear down Bogert Pool and build a splash deck, as a committee initially recommended.

The City Commission met Monday night and voted to continue operating Bogert Pool for as long and as inexpensively as possible. Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss gave the only dissenting vote.

Commissioners voted unanimously to continue pursuing possible partnerships with private or nonprofit groups, or the country government, to build a new aquatics center.

In a third motion, commissioners voted to prepare for the possible need for a splash park in the future, not necessarily at the Bogert Pool location.

Mitch Overton is the Director of Parks and Recreation in Bozeman. Overton wanted to tear down Bogert Pool and replace it with an updated splash park. He proposed a plan that would build a new indoor aquatic facility that could accommodate thousands of people each year.

"To create a very nice splash pad or spray ground there enhance the parking lot. It would create a community aquatic center that is non-ticketed and non-gated," said Overton.

City Commissioners went back and forth on the proposal at Monday's meeting, saying they didn't see a clear option for building another outdoor pool or updating Bogert.

"I didn't see one saying building a new out door pool," said Krauss.

Overton says to renovate Bogert Pool it would cost more than $2 million. A brand new facility would reportedly cost $6 million.

Members of the public spoke out at the meeting. Some people were in favor of a larger pool, saying Bogert and the Bozeman Swimming Center are just too crowded. Other residents say they grew up swimming in the Bogert Pool and don't want the community to lose it.

One parent says the splash pad would not appeal to teenagers, like an outdoor pool does.

"If it were turned into a splash park, it would be great for little kids. Once the kids turn 13 or 14 they are not going to want to go."

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