Chris Williams supporters hope for mercy


Chris Williams supporters hope for mercy 12-19-12

BOZEMAN, Mont. - An advocate for convicted medical marijuana provider Chris Williams says she's hoping a judge shows mercy at his sentencing.

We first reported on Tuesday how the courts cut a deal with Williams, in which six of his eight drug and gun related convictions will be dismissed.

Free Chris Williams Campaign founder Kari Boiter talked to us via Skype on Wednesday. She told us Williams faced more than 90 years in prison, but under the new settlement, he faces a minimum of five.

Part of the post-conviction compromise also means Williams doesn't have to forfeit his property to the government.

His state-sanctioned grow operation was targeted in the federal raids in 2011.

Boiter said she plans to show the judge petitions for Williams' cause that have gathered tens of thousands of signatures from around the country.

"I'm going to enclose these, along with my letter of support to show that we have over 30,000 just in the petitions that I've printed out" she said. "The White House petition has another 27,000. I just want the judge to know that the whole world supports Chris Williams."

Over the Skype webcam, she showed us a sampling of the stacks of papers she printed with signatures on them. The White House petition for Williams' pardon surpassed the number required for a response by President Obama, though he has yet to respond.

Williams is set to be sentenced on January 4th. At this point, Boiter said she isn't sure if it'll be rescheduled.

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