Chief Executive Matt Vincent delivers State of the City-County Address


Chief Executive Matt Vincent delivers State of the City-County Address

BUTTE, Mont. - Butte-Silver Bow's Chief Executive laid out the Mining City's future in his State of Butte-Silver Bow Address.

Here are top three elements of Matt Vincent's speech -- he announced major investments to revitalize the Uptown area, to help make Uptown Butte more pedestrian and bike friendly. He said with help from the governor, his environmental staff and the metro plant, the city is saving $15 million on major environmental construction projects. And he talked about big plans to improve road conditions throughout the city.

Vincent shared Butte-Silver Bow's successes throughout the year and announced future plans to improve the community in his State of the City-County speech Wednesday night

"Every great thing this city has ever accomplished is not just because of our unique people," Vincent spoke. "But because of our unique people's ability to join hands and get things done together."

Vincent listed recent projects that the city has been working on to improve the economy and bring business to Butte.

He talked about the NorthWestern Energy Building project to construct a new $25 million office building in the heart of Uptown.

"It was cooperation and teamwork that got us there and it will take even more of that including the public to bring the project towards completion," said Vincent.

Vincent noted the recent proposal to bring a manufacturing hub to Montana and talked about revitalizing Uptown Butte through major investments, as well as continuing to invest in local entrepreneurs.

"Nothing is more secure than investing in our own people and businesses and again that is something we will continue," Vincent said.

Vincent announced future plans -- for example, Butte will host its first Startup Southwest Montana event in September that gives local entrepreneurs feedback and mentorship on startup business angles.

Butte residents told NBC Montana they're impressed with Vincent's plans for the future.

"I thought it was a very comprehensive review of what's been going on an impressive list of accomplishments from the last year and an aggressive perspective on moving towards the future," said Evan Barrett.

"It's really been a community effort, its a wonderful opportunity and you know we'll hold our breath and wait and see," said Mick Ringsak.

Also at the meeting tonight, the former Evel Knievel Days Committee director and a volunteer took the podium to address the council during the public comment about the recent big changes over the festival.

Former Director Chad Harrington asked the commissioners what his group did wrong. And said he thinks they did a great job being accountable, like setting a budget at the first of the year and making lists of their finances.

We've been reporting the controversy over the festival changes. A new board was formed after Harrington and the previous board had a disagreement with the city and Kelly Knievel over an operating agreement.

The Council of Commissioners told the former Evel Days Committee they would address their concerns at a later time.

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