Changes made to Bozeman's proposed nondiscrimination ordinance


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman City Commissioners will take up the proposed nondiscrimination ordinance again next week, but they'll be looking at a new draft with changes.

The proposed ordinance originally defined the scope of discrimination to include race, national origin, religion, age and other aspects. Those have been taken out of the latest draft.

The ordinance would now only apply to sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or related association or beliefs.

The ordinance would no longer require businesses to post a notice on the wall that discrimination is prohibited by Bozeman city law, as it originally mandated.

Anyone who seeks civil damages from an alleged violator wouldn't be able to ask for coverage of attorney fees.

Bozeman city commissioners will hear a second round of public comment on Monday, as well as weigh in on the ordinance themselves.

They could take a final vote to pass the ordinance.

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