Centenarians celebrated in Bozeman


Centenarians celebrated in Bozeman

BOZEMAN, Mont. - On Thursday the Department of Public Health and Human Services honored seven Montanans who have made it to a century old, at a special lunch in Bozeman.

Ruby Ketron is one of them; her 100th birthday is coming up this September.

"It's all a new experience for me," said Ketron.

She tells us Thursday's lunch to honor Montana's centenarians is exciting.

"I don't do this every day.  I kind of live a quiet life, myself," said Ketron.

Lieutenant Governor Angela McLean spoke at the event and presented all seven centenarians with flowers and a plaque.

"Montanans are living longer; we currently have 175 residents over the age of 100," said McLean.

McLean read all the centenarians' favorite quotes to live by, like Ketron's, which reads "live life to the fullest."

If you do the math, 100 years is 1,200 months, 36,524.2 days or 876,581 hours.

We asked some of the centenarians what their secret is to a long life.

"I don't smoke, I don't drink, so maybe that helped a little bit," said Ernst Hoffman.

"My inquisitive mind, wondering about what's going to happen tomorrow," said Ketron.

"I don't smoke, I don't drink," said Bozeman resident Dallace Moore.

Two tables filled with family celebrated with Moore.  Her niece, Amy Smith, is almost 80 years old.  Smith says she hopes to live just as long as her aunt Dallace.

"I'm glad I'm part of her genes," said Smith.  "Because maybe I can live a long time, too."

It may take good genes and a little luck, but as the seven Montana centenarians honored today show, anything is possible.

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