Celebration highlights MSU College of Agriculture advancements


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Montana State University's College of Agriculture is growing, that's according to MSU student ambassadors.

A Blue and Gold College of Agriculture breakfast wraps up the college's agriculture celebration.

University representatives tell us it was an opportunity for alumni to hear what's new at the college, especially in terms of advancements in research...including a new strain of winter wheat invented by one of the college of agriculture's professors.

They tell us it's important to recognize agriculture's impact on the state and the country as well as what MSU is doing to improve the agriculture community.

"See the progression the college of agriculture is making, both in research and in the classroom teaching our students- how they're getting real, hands-on experience in the community and around the state," says MSU student ambassador Kevin Peterson.

Folks with MSU say the breakfast was also an opportunity for alumni to catch up with the new College of Agriculture interim dean.

The college appointed Glenn Duff interim dean back in August of this year.

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