Butte-Silver Bow outlines plan for Brincks and Deluxe demolition


Butte-Silver Bow outlines plan for Brincks and Deluxe demolition

BUTTE, Mont. - Butte-Silver Bow said it will take longer than initially thought to demolish the Brincks and Deluxe buildings. The buildings are on the corner of E. Front St. and Utah Ave. across from the rail yard and about a half mile west of the Butte Civic Center.

In October, the Council of Commissioners approved tearing down building. In a letter to the Council, Commissioner John Morgan requested approval of city resources to begin demolition at the first available date in October.

But a number of issues are complicating getting that done.

At Wednesday's Council of Commissioners meeting, the Butte-Silver Bow Public Works Department identified two main problems when it comes to demolishing the Brincks and Deluxe building. The first problem is that the building is physically connected to another building next door.  But the buildings don't actually share a foundation wall. Before the Brincks and Deluxe comes down, a crew would have to be brought in to physically separate the roof the other building.

The second problem is that Butte's excavator isn't tall enough to reach the top of the Brincks and Deluxe buildings. According to city documents, the Brincks building is 33 feet, but the city's excavator can only reach as high as 23 feet.

Butte-Silver Bow is looking at two options.

One idea would be to build a dirt ramp to raise the excavator the required 10 feet, but there is a concern that building a ramp big enough would block traffic on Front or Utah.

The other would be to bring in a man-lift and have workers chip away at the top 10 feet. But there is concern this could be very labor intensive.

Butte-Silver Bow is considering multiple uses for the site including a parking lot or a monument welcome sign. They said they will have a more definite timeline of the completion once they decide how to demolish the buildings.

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