Butte police say despite recent spike in violent crime, city remains safe


BUTTE, Mont. - Butte-Silver Bow police told NBC Montana despite a recent spike in violent crimes, the city remains safe.

We dug through the numbers. According to the Montana Board of Crime Control, Butte didn't see any homicides in 2012. But since August 2013, there have been three homicides.

Butte police have also investigated two recent missing persons cases, including one still outstanding.

Undersheriff George Skuletich told NBC Montana these cases involve more investigating, but officers and detectives are prepared.

"Sometimes crime will come in a grouping, so people will think it's an increase in crime that something's going on," said Skuletich. "If you look at the overall statistics for the past few years I don't think you'll see that crime has increased in Butte. It's just a matter that in the last few months we've had some serious things happen."

Skuletich told us the only increase is in toxicology reports from vehicular homicide cases that are sent to the state crime lab. Other than that, he said everything has remained the same.

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