Butte pastor's game day service goes viral


BUTTE, Mont. - A Butte pastor's game day sermon has gone viral, racking up close to 100,000 hits since yesterday.

A video uploaded to YouTube Sunday shows Pastor Tim Christensen's Sunday service cut to just one minute, reportedly because the pastor wants catch the kickoff of the San Francisco 49ers game.

He quickly forgives all of the crowd's sins and tells them to help themselves to the bread and wine.

The pastor and his son put the video together as joke, hoping to add some fun to the service.
"My son and I felt bad about missing the 49ers game because it was right at the same time of our second worship service, and I just decided to make a joke at the beginning of the service to make everyone think we compacted it down to one minute," said Christensen. "And after I walked out after I ripped open my robe and showed off my Niners stuff, people were just cracking up."

The end of the video shows Pastor Christensen pulling back his robe to reveal a San Francisco hoodie and walking out of the church.

But that isn't the way the Sunday worship actually ended. Christensen told us just after the recording stopped, he came back and delivered the full worship service.

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