Butte organization plants garden to help local food bank


Organization in Butte growing garden to help local food bank

BUTTE, Mont. - In Butte a local organization is planting seeds for the Butte Food Bank.

Carl Little is the Agricultural Program Director of the National Center for Appropriate Technology, also known as NCAT.

Little has a new plan to try to help end some of the hunger issues in the Mining City.

"One of our missions here is too alleviate poverty," said Little.

The center began a new project this week that lays the foundation for improved access to fresh food and vegetables for struggling families in the area that need them the most.

"It's just appropriate to use the garden to work with local community organizations," added Little.

Zoe Carlberg works for NCAT and is also a volunteer on the project. Carlberg explained to NBC Montana that fresh produce can be expensive, and it can be tough for struggling families to get those produce items on the table.

"If you're on food stamps or something and you're trying to stretch your dollar as far as it will go than your not spending that money on fresh produce," said Carlberg.

"We very rarely get fresh produce," said Kathy Griffith, the director of the Butte Food Bank.

Griffith knows trips to the grocery store can have a major impact on the family's bottom line.

"If you think about it we all go buy it at the store and we don't think about the cost, but it is expensive," added Griffith.

For more information on how you can volunteer at the Butte Food Bank you can contact them at (406) 782-6230.

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