Butte Montanans celebrate at 4th of July parade


Butte Montanans celebrate at 4th of July parade 7-4-13

BUTTE, Mont. - Folks in Butte lined Harrison Avenue this morning to celebrate Independence Day, Mining City style.

NBC Montana walked the parade route and spoke to folks in the crowd.

Hundreds of people came out to the Butte 4th of July parade to watch more than 100 floats go by, and to celebrate Independence Day.

Parade watcher Megan Savage said, "Everyone's happy and there's so many floats to see."

The parade started at the Butte Civic Center and wound its way three miles south down Harrison Avenue.

Waylon Wilson said, "The 4th of July parade is really creative, all the crazy people who come and watch it, it's pretty awesome."

It seemed like the whole Mining City was there celebrating, adults, kids, and pets.

Britney Bender and Sabana Truzzolino said they come out every year and they're proud to be in Butte.

"We're just showing our support for Butte, Montana, because we love our city," Bender said. "We're just Butte Montanans, Butte girls."

The parade isn't just a big deal in the Mining City. We found folks who traveled from across the state to see the parade.

Bryan Peterson explained, "I came from Kalispell and (this parade is) a lot bigger, I can tell you that."

Folks said the parade is awesome, but explained it's really the people that make the event so special.

Mark Hoffman said, "Why would you not be here in Butte, Montana, for the parade? This is the greatest place in the state of Montana to be right now."

Butte guys and gals showed pride for their country, and for their city.

Hoffman said, "Butte is a great community, the people stick together through good times, bad times. Butte's the best town in the state of Montana."

Did you see NBC Montana in the parade?

NBC Montana Today's Laurel Staples, along with KTVM's Kane O'Neill, Jordan Moore, and Lauren Maschmedt walked the entire length of the route.

We marched with our decorated news car, and wished everyone along the way a happy Independence Day.

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