Butte High Football team helps non-profit


BUTTE, Mont. - Butte High School football players used their strength off the field today, helping a local non profit spruce up yards around Butte.

The football team evened out soil and laid down sod at Habitat for Humanity homes.

About 40 players worked to give residents at four different homes a greener yard.

The Butte High football coach told us working with together in a different capacity helped the team grow closer.

"It's a good opportunity for them to give back to the community, the community is so great to us and our football program and what we're able to do in Butte High School and so, for our guys to have an opportunity to go help them out for a little bit, it's a neat thing for them to do," said Butte High Head Football Coach Arie Grey.

"Just helping the community look better helping families that I guess can't do it themselves, just being good people," said Butte High Student Nolan Boyle.

Habitat for Humanity said they are grateful for the football team's help and plan to partner with them and other high school teams in the future.

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