Butte Emergency Operations Center project becoming reality


BUTTE, Mont. - The Emergency Operations Center proposed for Butte has reached another milestone. Officials behind the project are reporting that around 80 percent of the necessary finances have been raised.

The center would serve as beacon for emergency responders.

Officials explained to NBC Montana that in the case of an emergency or natural disaster all emergency responders would be able to coordinate out of one central location, the EOC, instead of being scattered throughout the county.

"As of right now the EOC has just received another grant from Homeland Security for $468,000.  Combined with other appropriations and grants we're at about $1.6 million, and we're hoping to match that money with state funds in order to complete the construction of the EOC," said Jeff Amerman, Butte-Silver Bow budget and fnance director.

If all continues according to plan the Emergency Operations Center would be fully operational in just two years.

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