Buffalo Jump State Park officials call on public for more funding


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Folks from across Gallatin County voiced their concerns over the Madison Buffalo Jump State Park.

Park officials explained how they need the public's help to come up with funding options.

Over 40 people turned out for Tuesday night's open house meeting.

Residents say they want Buffalo Jump to remain a state park.

Jerry Walker is the Regional Park Manager of South Central Montana and says resident want the park to remain a state park.

"The people of Montana want this to remain a state park," said Walker.

Walker told NBC Montana the park faces some money issues.

"Well probably the biggest challenge and the reason for the proposal in the first place is the state park is struggling financially," said Walker.

NBC Montana told you last month how state park officials considered turning the Madison Buffalo Jump Park over to the DNRC.

Bill Goold is a Bozeman resident and is actively involved with Buffalo Jump. Goold said one option is to form a "friends group".

Goold tells us a "friends group" is an organization of interested individuals and groups in Gallatin County who come together to help the park system develop a management plan.

He tells us he would like to see a plan put into action within the next month. He says by forming a "friends group", it shows the legislature that the public is aware and in support of keeping Madison Buffalo Jump a state park.

Park Manager Jerry Walker says he wants the public to really think about the "friends group" concept in order to help get more funding.

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