Bridger Creek residents ask for millions in damages


Bridger Creek residents ask for millions in damages

BOZEMAN, Mont. - A group of residents in the Bridger Creek subdivision are asking Bozeman, Gallatin County and the state of Montana to pay them for damages related to gases leaking from an old landfill. NBC Montana got a hold of the notice of claim through a written request in the county administrator's office. The document details how four different households say they have struggled since the city discovered toxic gases seeping from the landfill.

The landfill was opened in 1970 off of Story Mill Rd. north of Bozeman and it operated until 2008. The claim states the landfill was not "properly planned, designed, engineered, constructed, installed, permitted, and monitored."

It also says the subdivision should never have been built near the site of the landfill.

The claimants paint a picture of how they have lost all value in their properties. It discusses how home values have dropped significantly, talking about how even if they could find a realtor to list a bank would never agree to back the property. Some claimants say they have suffered from medical problems, or that existing conditions have been made worse by the gas leaking from the landfill.

Bozeman first alerted residents to the gases in June 2012. Testing of the homes began shortly after that, the city worked with a company called Tetra Tech. Mitigation systems were installed in a majority of the homes.

Since June, the city has also scheduled regular meetings to update residents on the status of the tests.

Bozeman City Manager Chris Kukulski tells us they are continuing to test homes and work with residents to solve the problem.

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