Bridger Canyon Fire Board votes against allowing alcohol


Bridger Canyon Fire Board votes against allowing alcohol 12/03/12

BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Bridger Canyon Fire Board of Trustees voted unanimously to leave the  fire department's community room alcohol free. 

The board decided to "dispose of the issue quickly" by voting first thing, Monday night.

Within minutes into their meeting, trustees had decided not to make any changes to their alcohol policy, meaning alcohol will not be allowed in the fire department's community room.

We spoke to a trustee at a firefighter training meeting last week who told us several of the community room's financial backers want to be able to serve alcohol at functions held at the station but several fire fighters have threatened to quit if alcohol is allowed.

Several residents showed up to find out what board members would decide.  We couldn't find anyone for alcohol in the community room but we talked to one taxpayer who says he wants to see the issue over and done- with zero tolerance for alcohol.

He says he doesn't want to see any accidents caused by drunk drivers served at the fire station and says the fire house should be a safe place for firefighters.

"I don't think it should be in the fire house.  This is a community center and a safe haven for our firefighters and we're supposed to be here for public safety.  Well, why would we bring alcohol in a public safety building?" says taxpayer Michael Bucher.

The trustee we spoke to at the training meeting tells us a change in policy could have been a liability for the board.

After the board voted against allowing alcohol, many folks in attendance broke out in applause and when the board asked for public comment, several firefighters thanked trustees.

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