Bridger Bowl joins Powder Alliance to offer deals with season passes


BOZEMAN, Mont. - If you are an annual Bridger Bowl pass holder, or plan on buying one this winter- the ski resort announced Thursday this year's passes will get you into ski resorts throughout the west.

Bridger Bowl is now a member of the Powder Alliance, a group of 12 resorts in the western half of the country- in states like Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and California.

That means with the purchase of a 2013-14 Bridger Bowl season pass, skiers and snowboarders get three free days of skiing or riding at each of the other resorts.

Bridger Bowl is the only participating resort in Montana, but as part of a separate deal, a season pass also allows pass holders to ski any other Montana ski area at the half-day rate.

The ski resort also teamed up with Alta Ski Area in Utah to allow Bridger pass holders in at half price all season long.

All deals are valid with the Bobcat Bonus and Mambo Combo offers.

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