Bozeman's mayor says he will not seek another term


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Mayor Sean Becker delivered his State of Bozeman Address Monday night at the City Commission meeting in Bozeman. The State of the City began with Becker addressing his residents about Bozeman's history, culture and economy.

Becker spoke about the city's development over the years and its accomplishments in transportation. Becker says there are more goals he would like Bozeman to achieve. Becker told his community he is proud to have served eight with the city, but says he will not run again in 2013.

"All great things have to come to an end at some point. Since being elected as mayor in 2009 my wife and I have had two kids. I feel the compromise between a career in business finance, parenthood and serving the community as mayor put any of these important responsibilities at risk," explained Becker.

Becker credited Montana State University as one of the major driving forces for Bozeman's local economy. Becker said the university's presence has helped the community by providing over 3,500 jobs.

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