Bozeman's Bogert Pool closed due to filter issues


Bozeman's Bogert Pool closed due to filter issues

BOZEMAN, Mont - NBC Montana learned Bozeman's Bogert Pool was closed Wednesday due to a mechanical failure.  Parents and kids who turned out hoping to go for a swim Wednesday were caught by surprise -- and had to get a little extra creative to keep cool.

Bozeman Parks and Recreation Department closed up Bogert Pool due to issues with the filter leaking volcanic ash into the water.

Parents told NBC Montana they were disappointed when they pulled up to see the sign on the door. One mom says when it's hot outside, Bogert Pool is the go to place to beat the heat.

"This is one of the only options people have, so the fact that it's closed is unfortunate," said Tanya Nevin.

AnneMarie Quinn says she was sad to learn the pool was closed Wednesday.

"We have a new water toy that we wanted to squirt to try and stay cool in this hot weather," said Quinn.

We noticed kids playing in the Bozeman Creek trying to keep cool under the trees, shaded from the hot sun.

NBC Montana caught up 5-year-old Stina Oliver who told us she took her mom's advice and jumped into the creek with the other kids.

"My mom suggested a good thing and said I could go play in the creek so I could get cooled off," said Oliver.

Oliver says she hopes the filter issue is fixed soon and the pool is re-opened.

Bozeman aquatics officials say they are in touch with their warranty company to fix the filter. They still expect Bogert Pool to be closed on Thursday.

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