Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport reports increased air travel


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport reports a 28 percent increase in passengers flying to southwest Montana. Airport Director Brian Sprenger says southwest Montana tourist activities are attracting an increasing number of U.S. and International passengers.

Sprenger also attributes the upswing to airline expansions over the past three years which he says add more options for travelers. He told NBC Montana a more stable economy has helped with getting more flights booked and people traveling through the airport.

"The economy has certainly become stronger. The desire for people across the U.S. and internationally to visit Yellowstone National Park has been a big impact -- as well as a strong winter tourism season for our local ski resorts," said Sprenger.  

According the Montana Department of Transportation, over 870,000 passengers passed through the airport's terminal between June, 2012 and May, 2013, surpassing all other airports in Montana for the same period.

Airport officials say the busiest time for passengers traveling this time of year are those on the 6 a.m. flights.

TSA says people should get to the airport an hour and a half before their flight's departure.

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