Bozeman speaks out about Boston Marathon Bomber suspect captured


Bozeman speaks out about Boston Marathon Bomer suspect captured

BOZEMAN, Mont. - NBC Montana talked to Becky Higgins who lives just over a half mile away from the place where the second bombing suspect was taken into custody.

Higgins says she thought the coast was clear to walk outside until she heard gun shots again.

"After they lifted the stay at home ban, I was actually getting ready to go outside. I was dying to get out. I heard several rounds fired and a few explosions and I immediately closed the window," said Higgins.

In Bozeman people were glued to the televisions turned onto news channels in local bars. People told NBC Montana they are relieved the second bomber was caught, but telling us now they want to know why it happened.

"More questions to answer as to why, who or how this could have happened. I'm glad they captured the guy alive so we can hopefully find things out," said Leo Ness

Another resident told us he too is glad the suspect was caught alive.

"I'm glad they caught him alive so they now can figure out what happened, why it happened, and if there was anything else involved with it," said Steven Andrews.

Across the divide in Missoula one women told NBC Montana she can't believe someone her age could devastate so many.

"I think its crazy that its someone a year younger than me I think thats absolutely insane and in our own country."

Back in Bozeman, people say they are proud of the hard work of investigators and first responders. They voiced their support for the City of Boston.

Dan Ritter told NBC Montana his sister is actually a nurse at Beth Israel Deaconess, just a few blocks near the scene where one suspect was killed Friday morning. Ritter says Boston has proven itself strong and will stay that way.

"Can't let the bad guys win. At the end of the day you have to be able to defend yourself, defend your family, and do the right thing," said Dan Ritter.

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