Bozeman School Board looks to change student athlete drug policy


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Bozeman School District is looking to make some changes to a policy that handles student athletes who get caught using alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

School officials say the minor changes are important to ensure parents and students are clear about the consequences of getting caught using alcohol, tobacco or drugs.    

They say they're looking to change the language from 'suspension' to 'exclusion', since suspension implies only several weeks even though players can be excluded for an entire season.

"We feel that all students avoid the use of drugs and alcohol and the policy itself helps to deter students from using drugs and alcohol and so, it's important to us to make sure the policy stays updated and keeps up with the changes that happen in our districts," explains Bozeman School Superintendent Rob Watson.
Watson tells us they're also looking to make changes to the policy that would allow exclusion to extend into the next season if a student athlete used drugs or tobacco at the end of the season.

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