Bozeman says farewell to Mayor Sean Becker; welcomes new elected officials


Bozeman says farewell to Mayor Sean Becker; welcomes new elected officials

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Monday night, the city of Bozeman bid farewell to Mayor Sean Becker, and swore in their new mayor, deputy mayor, and two commissioners.

The room was packed Monday night as the commission and people of Bozeman thanked and honored Mayor Sean Becker for his service, and welcomed in Bozeman's new elected officials.

At the Bozeman City Commission meeting Monday night, Mayor Sean Becker recounted his term as mayor and expressed his hopes for Bozeman's future.

"I just really want to thank the public for this tremendous honor and the faith that has been bestowed in me to be elected mayor of Bozeman, Montana is overwhelming," Becker said.

Becker explained he feels he and the commission have made significant strides for Bozeman, like adopting policies for energy efficiency, building and raising money for new sewer plants, building a parking garage, and more.

Becker served on the commission for eight years, and said it's time to focus on his personal life.

"When I first ran for mayor, I wasn't married, didn't have any children, I maybe even had roommates," Becker explained. "Since then all the other things have occurred and I have two small kids."

The commissioners thanked and honored Becker by giving him parting gifts and well wishes.

"You're someone with public service in your soul," said now Deputy Mayor Carson Taylor. "Eight years at your young age is pretty incredible, and I know you're not going to leave it for a very long time. So I expect to see your name in bigger lights somewhere along the way."

After Becker said his goodbye, Jeff Krauss took the oath to become Bozeman's next mayor.

This is his third time serving as mayor of Bozeman.

"We win the lottery when we're able to live in Bozeman and raise our families in Bozeman, and it's a huge added honor to be able to be here and represent the city and make decisions for the city," Krauss said.

Krauss explained he's excited by Bozeman's growth and momentum, and is ready to hit the ground running with existing and new projects.

"I look forward to stamping a real identity on Bozeman, figuring out what we want to be when we grow up," Krauss said.

Commissioner Carson Taylor is now the deputy mayor, and Commissioner Chris Mehl and I-Ho Pomeroy were sworn into the commission.

Mayor Becker left the commission with a few recommendations of how to move Bozeman forward, including building a new business conference center, and partnering with the YMCA to create an aquatics facility. He explained these developments will continue to make Bozeman a desirable place to live and do business.

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