Bozeman runners raise money for local family


Bozeman runners raise money for local family 2-10-13

BOZEMAN, Mont. -

A group of Bozeman women gets together twice a week to train for a 200 mile relay race.

But on days like Sunday- when it's cold and the run long- it's not the race, but the reason that gets them going.

"It's really for Jeni and for their cause" said runner Lauren Marvel.

The ladies are raising money for the Reece family. Mom Jeni said when she and husband Buck decided to expand their family, they felt called to adopt.

She said they wanted to "bring somebody in else to our family though adoption. And we picked Ethiopia to adopt from just because of all the need there."

But then they found out how much that costs- $30,000.

"It's not really a small undertaking, but we're committed to it" Reece said.

She said they wanted to give a child in need a life they deserve. And that's where the runners step in.

Jeni and her friends signed up for the Ragnar Race in Arizona on February 22nd and 23rd. 12 women make up the team- a few of which don't live in Bozeman, and have never met Jeni.

But the team took their pledge to race one step further.

"Just to help support her and her family, and get them going on this great new adventure" Marvel said.

The women are raising funds for each leg of the race, and plan to donate all proceeds to the Reece family. The group says it's a great purpose to run for.

"You just think that it's getting their little one closer to coming home" teammate Karley Paul said.

The Reece's are touched by the support. "We're super blessed with a really, really good group of friends" Buck said.

And they can't wait until the day when they bring their new little one home.

"We just want to give that child a new life" Jeni said, adding "and feel like they'll bring us a lot of blessings, too."

The team's immediate goal is to raise funds for the adoption application, or dossier- which Jeni said can carry several hefty fees.

The Reece's hope after that, they can get the ball rolling on the adoption process.

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