Bozeman road construction affecting area businesses


Bozeman road construction affecting area businesses

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Road construction on Main Street in Bozeman is in full swing, causing headaches and traffic backups as the street funnels into one lane each way.

It's certainly having an effect on local drivers, and local businesses say they're starting to see it take a hit on their bottom lines, forcing them to come up with new ideas to keep from losing customers.

Jake Rothing is the manager at Paulie's Hot Dogs. At 6:30 on Thursday evening, prime dining time for restaurants, but on this night, they're empty.

"It's definitely slowed down with the construction," Rothing explained.

Rothing explained it's been this way since construction on Main Street started.

Construction company Knife River is resurfacing and reconstructing the street. Lanes and business entrances are blocked off, and Paulie's is right in the heart of it.

Rothing explained it makes it difficult for customers to find his restaurant.

Many other businesses are in similar positions.

"We were kind of scared at first," said World Boards owner Jay Moore. He said they were worried they'd start losing business when construction started.

"Anytime there's traffic stopped or congested, people want to steer away from that," Moore said.

Some of the businesses on Main Street have been losing customers because of the ongoing road construction, but those same businesses say they're coming up with creative ways to draw their customers back in.

"We did what we called a construction sale," Moore said. "People could get 20 percent off anything in the store."

While Moore said they threw a huge sale to keep their customers coming, Rothing said they have been focusing on making sure drivers can easily get to Paulie's through the mess of construction.

"We've been doing fun things, trying to get people in here by making our own little detour signs and trying to direct traffic this way," he said.

According the City of Bozeman, the road work will continue through August.

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