Bozeman residents have big plans for new year


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Downtown Bozeman was a happening spot Tuesday night as people got ready to ring in the new year and say hello to 2014.

We asked people what they were doing to celebrate New Year's Eve. Most people were heading out to dinner and then to get drinks with friends and family, but others were celebrating earlier in the night and then heading home to count down.

"We're going to get some dinner and meet up with people later on," said Bozeman resident Kathryn Neimann.

"We're going to go to dinner at one of the restaurants downtown and just bring in the new year there," said Andrew Loftus, who is in town from Washington, D.C.

"We're going home," said resident Dan Spurr. "We started early and we're going to finish early."

"We are going to go get dessert and we're going to head back to Manhattan," said Manhattan resident Cheryl Pestel, "and just go to the bars there so we can walk home."

NBC Montana went around Bozeman Tuesday and asked people about their New Year's resolutions and if they have any big plans for next year.

Some people told us they hope to travel. Others said their goal is to buy a new home. A huge one for students is to finish up school.

"My New Year's resolution is just to enjoy family even more," said resident Brian Matosich.

"Just to be a better person and better mother," said Susan Stark, who is in town from Tennessee. "Get along better with my three sons, college-aged sons."

"I need to make better grades in school, so I'm going to do my best to do that," said Sam Farmer, one of Stark's sons.

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